Redesigning, Redefining Work

May 7, 2014

Redesigning, Redefining Work (PDF)
Source: Work and Occupations

The demands of today’s workplace—long hours, constant availability, self- sacrificial dedication—do not match the needs of today’s workforce, where workers struggle to reconcile competing caregiving and workplace demands. This mismatch has negative consequences for gender equality and workers’ health. Here, the authors put forth a call to action: to redesign work to better meet the needs of today’s workforce and to redefine successful work. The authors propose two avenues for future research to achieve these goals: research that (a) builds a more rigorous business case for work redesign/redefinition and (b) exposes the underlying gender and class dynamics of current work arrangements.

See also: Toward a Model of Work Redesign for Better Work and Better Life (PDF)

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